February 27, 2019 | Insurance Agent Engine

Why It's More Important Than Ever to Have a Secure Site

If you’re asking for names, email addresses, phone numbers, or other personal information in exchange for a quote - you’re asking your clients to trust you with their personal information. Can you trust your website to protect it?

If your site isn’t secure, then you aren’t doing everything you should in order to deserve their trust.

Cybercrime is on the rise.

It is estimated that, by 2021, cybersecurity damages will cost the world over $6 trillion annually.

Cyber attacks are commonly the beginning of the end for small businesses, with approximately 60% of small businesses that fall victim to a cyber attack failing.

With a secure site, you can rest assured that you’re doing everything possible to protect both your clients and your agency.

How a Secure Site Protects Your Agency

With an SSL in place, your agency is safeguarded against hackers who are out to exploit the vulnerability of those providing you with personal information.

Keep Client Information Safe

Establishing an encrypted link, an SSL ensures that all data that is passed between the web server and browser remains private. This means that even if a hacker was able to intercept data that a client sends to your site, they won’t be able to read it.

Information that is sent to an unprotected site comes across as plain text which means that any hacker who intercepts the transmission of data will be able to read – and then exploit – all of the personal information that a client provides.

Don’t Get Flagged By Google

Google isn’t messing around when it comes to internet security, and they don’t want you to be, either.

If your agency’s site – which accepts personal client information – doesn’t have an SSL certificate, you can expect Google to flag it as unsafe.

What does this mean?

Visitors to your website will be greeted with a red exclamation mark and the words ‘Not Secure’ in the browser bar. When clicked, the warning will drop down an explanation that reads something to the effect of:

Your connection to this site is not secure.

You should not enter any sensitive information on the site (for example, passwords or credit cards), because it could be stolen by attackers.

If you received this warning, would you move forward with requesting a quote?

Neither will your prospective leads.

With 85% of U.S. consumers stating that they would leave a site that is not secure, it is clear that SSL certification matters.

A secure site not only protects your client’s information, but it is also a major factor in helping them decide whether or not to give it to you at all.

Avoid Liability For Client Losses

If your clients have information stolen by hackers due to using your unprotected site, they can hold you responsible.

Not only will you be liable for the costs of customer notification and continued credit monitoring services, but the affected party might also take you to court. If so, you could end up paying out for court costs, judgments, and settlements.

Protecting the information of those who use your website also helps protect you from paying out.

Protect Your Agency’s Reputation

Your agency may offer the best customer service in the world, but if your client’s information is stolen by hackers it won’t matter.

Between word-of-mouth and social media, news of your agency’s online safety negligence will travel fast. Existing clients will lose trust in you as will prospective leads.

Not only protecting your client’s information, a secure website also helps keep your reputation intact.

With cybercrime looming as an ever-increasing threat and people expecting their safety to be your priority, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your website is secure.